3k3yiso игры и ноты паранормальных the end для фортепиано

I recently downloaded a psn game from this thread ps3iso.com/psn- uploads/21.me-thread.html but i want to convert it too a 3k3y iso. 3k3y ISO Tools User Manual V1.0. ISO Tools You can rebuild a PS3 game ISO from a set of files, typically these files are ripped from a. PS3 game disk using. Then "JB (Folder)" choose the top game folder and let the game load. this simulates the creator tool, 3k3y ISO tools, Cobra ODE GenPS3iso.

Burnt PS3 Games using 3k3y ISO – 10-18-2013,01:38 AM u can burn a ps3 game on blueray disk but u have to be on cfw to make it work and the bluray. It sounds like I go to "Boot Game" > point to disc folder and if the eboot.bin is fixed /decrypted . 7 - Open 3k3y ISO Tools and decrypt